With RiSOLVE 2.0 starts a new area.
The 64-bit architecture, geo-referencing support of GeoSysManager 2.0, as well as support for Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays offer new possibilities and speed up processing. The interface has received a fresh new look to provide a simpler and cleaner user experience.

Combined with the one-touch workflow of the RIEGL V-Line Terrestrial Laser Scanners, RiSOLVE enables fully automatic registration and colorization of scan data. This stream-lined process is the fastest solution to acquire, register, and colorize outdoor 3D scan data. With additional tools for filtering, scene animation and measurements, RiSOLVE enables rapid turnaroud of critical information.

RiSOLVE takes the complexity out of the registration process by utilizing positioning information provided by sensors integrated into RIEGL VZ-Line scanners. Combining position estimation utilizing this onboard sensor data along with a new algorithm for aligning scans without reflectors or precise positioning enables a fine adjustment of all scans to produce seamless fully registered point clouds.


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RiSOLVE Brochure
Main Features
  • RiSOLVE 2.0 with 64-bit architecture, GeoSys Manager 2.0 and UHD supported
  • fully automatic registration
  • fastest true-color scanning workflow
  • calibration, registration, and filtering tools
  • 2D measureable PDF plots
  • simple data export
Main applications
  • accident Investigation
  • architecture
  • rapid Deployment Scene Capture
  • emergency Management Planning
  • local Area Mapping
  • utility Asset Mapping