With RiMINING 2.0 starts a new area.
The 64-bit architecture, geo-referencing support of GeoSysManager 2.0, as well as support for Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays offer new possibilities and speed up processing. The interface has received a fresh new look to provide a simpler and cleaner user experience.

RiMINING is designed to optimize and simplify scan data processing in open-pit mining. The focus of the software design is on workflow simplification and automation. For advanced data-processing full compatibility with RiSCAN PRO is provided.

RIEGL VZ-xxx field-data import and registration without any targets speeds up field-surveying tremendously. Automatic Registration is accomplished utilizing state-of-the-art alignment algorithms in combination with RIEGL VZ-xxx built-in sensors (GPS, compass, inclination sensors). Advanced filtering algorithms enable automatic elimination of vegetation, objects and outliers. Typical mining post-processing tasks like breakline detection and volume calculation are fully supported. The extracted information can also be utilized by mine planning software because of RiMINING's support for various mining exchange formats.

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Main Features
  • RiMINING 2.0 with 64-bit architecture, GeoSys Manager 2.0 and UHD supported
  • workflow automation
  • automatic data registration
  • advanced filtering algorithms
  • geotechnical analysis
  • feature extraction (contours, profiles, breaklines)
  • volume calculation, surface comparison
  • support for many mining software exchange formats
  • full compatibility with RiSCAN PRO
Main applications
  • surveying of open-pit mines, quarries and dump sites
  • change detection of excavated areas
  • fillgrade and mass calculation
  • rockface stability analysis
  • extraction of input data for site modeling



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