RiWaveLIB provides straightforward and well-documented access to the digitized echo signals recorded by selected RIEGL laser scanners during data acquisition. The digitized echo signals, also known as waveform data, are the basis for the so-called full waveform analysis which deduces ranging information and additional data from the waveforms. Additionally, the library enables access to the time stamp and measurement direction for each measurement and thus enables the user to calculate point cloud data based on their own algorithms for the full waveform analysis.

RiWaveLIB provides access to both waveform data formats used by RIEGL, the SDF file format used by RIEGL LMS-Q560 and RIEGL LMS-Q680(i), and the WFM file format as used by the RIEGL VZ- and VQ-type Laser Scanners with waveform data option. The application programmer gets access to the waveform data for both file formats using a common interface.


RiWaveLib is no longer maintained.
Since the introduction of RiUNITE all LiDAR mass data including full waveform information are stored in RIEGL's database format (also known as RDB) in a well-organized, compressed, and transparent manner.
All waveform information is therefore now accessible through RIEGL’s software library RDBLib.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support{at}riegl{.}com.

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Datasheet RiWAVELib
Main Features
  • Full access to waveform data acquired by RIEGL instruments
  • Common interface for SDF and WFM file format
  • Index-based search for time stamps within the data stream
Additional Notes
  • Library's interface uses standard C conventions
  • Can be used from various programming languages like C, C++, Pascal and Python
  • Both Linux and Windows® are supported