RiACQUIRE covers a wide variety of tasks present in RIEGL's mobile and airborne laser scanning systems. Both, mobile and airborne systems comprise at least one laser scanner, a position and attitude measurement system, and an operator's work station.

Many systems further comprise camera sub-systems, additional laser scanners, mass data storage devices, and mechanical subassemblies.
The tasks covered by RiACQUIRE are allocated to the operational data acquisition, the phases of system integration, and system verification & testing. An easy to use but powerful interface enhances communication with the supported RIEGL laser scanners. With the aim of reducing the work-load for the system operator, only the most relevant information is displayed and tasks can be executed semi-automatically. Scanning parameters are easily changed by choosing a predefined parameter set. The graphical user interface takes into account the difficult working conditions inside the aircraft, vessel or vehicle by providing large control buttons, easily pushed even in turbulent conditions.

Main Features
  • project-oriented scandata acquisition and scanner control
  • online visualization of geo-referenced monitoring data during acquisition
  • quality assurance with detailed history of events, system parameters and operator's interactions
  • status feedback for fast recognition by the operator
  • use of flight plan information for automated acquisition (ALS)
RiACQUIRE takes care of
  • operational data acquisition
    acquisition and storage of data, automatic acquisition according to flight plan, management of mass data storage, visualization of system status and navigation information, analysis and visualization of on-line data
  • verification and testing
    cabling, communication & configuration, logging of warning, error messages and communication, checking of consistency of project data prior to survey
  • system integration
    identification and configuration of system components, definition of interfaces and protocols