The RIEGL VQ-1560i-DW  is an airborne LiDAR scanning system offering two LiDAR channels of different wavelengths, green and infrared (IR). These wavelengths are well chosen to allow the acquisition of scan data of complementary information content, thus delivering two independent reflectance distribution maps, one per laser wavelength.

Scan data acquired with the RIEGL VQ-1560i-DW are the input for well-established scan data processing methods but also for the development of highly sophisticated data processing and evaluation algorithms for new areas of application like vegetation mapping in agriculture and forestry. Thus the VQ-1560i-DW offers innovative technology for commercial as well as scientific and research applications. The VQ-1560i-DW provides a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1MHz per LiDAR channel, resulting in a total of more than 1.3 million measurements per second on the ground.

The VQ-1560i-DW works at highest productivity when both LiDAR channels are combined, typically at altitudes up to 8300 ft. However, each channel is also prepared for stand-alone operation. This channel selection capability in combination with a matched line of measurement programs as well as widely variable scan parameters enable highest possible flexibility for meeting highly specific requirements of challenging application scenarios. The system is completed by a high performance IMU/GNSS unit and up to two optional cameras. A 150 megapixels RBG camera is intended to be used as primary camera, as secondary camera a thermal or a NIR camera can be built in. The mounting flange is optimized for simple interfacing with typical aircraft hatches and stabilized mounts by means of a specific adapter ring.

Main Features
  • Enhanced target characterization based upon simultaneous measurements at green and infrared laser wavelengths
  • High laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1 MHz per laser scanner
  • Up to 1.33 million measurements per second on the ground
  • Data acquisition at a wide rande of point densities
  • Excellent multiple target capability
  • Enables Multiple-Time-Around (MTA) processing of up to 20 pulses simultaneously in the air
  • Online waveform processing as well as smart and full waveform recording for both LiDAR channels
  • Integrated intertial measurement unit and GNSS receiver
  • Integrated, easily accessible medium format camera
  • Prepared for integration of a secondary camera
  • High-speed fiber data interface to RIEGL data recorder
  • Housing shape and mounting flange optimized for interfacing with typical hatches and stabilized platforms
Main Applications
  • Scientific and Reseach Applications
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Mapping of Vegetation and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
  • Mapping of Lakesides & River Banks
  • High Point Density Mapping
  • Corridor Mapping


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