The RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV is an extremely lightweight airborne laser scanner, designed specifically for integration with UAS/UAV/RPAS. The sensor offers a selectable 100 kHz, 200 kHz, and 300 kHz laser pulse repetition rate (PRR). With 300 kHz PRR, it provides up to 100,000 measurements per second at 120° FoV and thus a dense point pattern on the ground for UAV-based applications that require the acquisition of small objects.

The small and sophisticated design of the stable aluminum housing offers various integration possibilities with platforms that offer restricted space or payload capabilities. The 360° field of view allows complete acquisition of the environment.

An easy-to-remove SD card for data storage, and/or the option for streaming the scan data via LAN-TCP/IP interface, in combination with the modest power consumption of the scanner, enable straight-forward integration with most UAS/UAV/RPAS types.

The RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV makes use of RIEGL’s unique Waveform-LiDAR technology, allowing echo digitization and online waveform processing. Multi-target resolution is the basis for penetrating even dense foliage. As a further special feature, the wavelength is optimized for the measurement of snowy and icy terrain.

In addition to the stand-alone version of the miniVUX-3UAV, RIEGL also offers system solutions with IMU/GNSS systems and cameras fully integrated.

NEW: RIEGL now offers their own miniVUX series LiDAR system solution with a fully integrated subsystem for localization and orientation (Localization/Orientation Component), the RiLOC-E.
This version of the miniVUX-SYS includes a Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a GNSS unit, and appropriate software. All components are included in a compact and lightweight housing, that is directly attached to the RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV/-3UAV laser scanner.
The combination of a miniVUX series LiDAR sensor and the RiLOC-E into a compact complete LiDAR system is the ideal solution for small-scale LiDAR surveying with drones. In such applications, using a nearby local base station ensures the shortest base length and thus maximum accuracy in the georeferencing of the high-precision LiDAR data from the RIEGL miniVUX series LiDAR sensor.

Main Features
  • 100 kHz / 200 kHz / 300 kHz Laser PRR selectable
  • measurement rate up to 200,000 measurements/sec
  • scan speed up to 100 scans/sec
  • very compact & lightweight (1.55 kg / 3.4 lbs)
  • up to 360° field-of-view
  • robust aluminum housing, ready to be mounted on multi-rotor, rotary-wing, and fixed-wing UAVs
  • makes use of RIEGL's unique echo signal digitization and online waveform processing
  • multiple target capability – up to 5 target echoes per laser shot
  • mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting
  • exceptionally well suited to measure in snowy and icy terrains
  • user-friendly, application- and installation-oriented solutions for integration
  • with fully integrated, cost-optimized RIEGL IMU/GNSS solution RiLOC-E
Main Applications
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Glacier and Snowfield Mapping
  • Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Construction-Site Monitoring
  • Landslide Monitoring