The new RIEGL VUX-18024 is a lightweight and versatile airborne laser scanner offering a wide field of view of 75 degrees and an extremely high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz. These features – in combination with an increased scan speed of up to 800 lines/second – make the RIEGL VUX-18024 perfectly suited for high speed surveying missions and applications where an optimal line and point distribution is required.

The RIEGL VUX-18024 makes use of RIEGL's unique Waveform-LiDAR technology, allowing echo digitization and online waveform processing. Multi-target resolution is the basis for penetrating even dense foliage.

For smooth and straight forward data storage, the scanner provides an internal data storage capacity of 2 TByte and a removeable CFast® card. Interfaces for the integration of an appropriate external IMU/GNSS system and up to five optional external cameras are available.

The sophisticated design of the RIEGL VUX-18024 – already proven in the RIEGL VUX-120, VUX-160, and VUX-240 series – enables smooth integration with fast-flying UAS/UAV/RPAS, small manned aeroplanes and helicopters. It is offered both, as stand-alone UAV LiDAR sensor and also in various fully-integrated UAV-based laser scanning system configurations with appropriate IMU/GNSS system and optional cameras. This allows the scanner to perfectly meet all the specific requirements of the customers' applications.

Main Features
  • scan speed up to 800 lines/second
  • laser pulse repetition rate up to 2.4 MHz
  • measurement rate up to 2,000,000 meas./sec
  • operating flight altitude up to 980 m / 3,250 ft
  • Field of View up to 75°
  • compact & lightweight (2.7 kg / 5.9 lbs)
  • cutting edge RIEGLtechnology providing: echo signal digitization, multiple target capability, online waveform processing, multiple-time-around processing
  • easily mountable to unmanned platforms (UAVs) and small manned aircraft
  • mechanical and electrical interface for IMU/GNSS integration
  • interfaces for up to 5 external cameras
  • scan data storage on internal SSD Memory
  • removeable CFAST® memory card
Main Applications
  • High Speed Corridor Mapping and High-Density Applications: e.g. mapping and monitoring of critical infrastructure like power lines, railway tracks, pipelines, runways
  • Topography in Open-Cast Mining
  • Surveying of Urban Environments
  • Agriculture & Forestry