RiPARAMETER is a software designed for assisting the operators of Airborne Laser Scanner (ALS) systems to find a consistent and valid parameter set for data acquisition.

Based upon the type of LiDAR system and the aircraft specifications, as well as several other selectable constraints (e.g. the properties of the target area or minimum and maximum flight height due to legal and safety limitations) RiPARAMETER delivers optimized parameters. These include the operational parameters for the LiDAR system, as well as the corresponding recommendation of flight speed and flight height AGL of the aircraft.

Depending on the type of project, RiPARAMETER is ready to solve various planning tasks: 

  • Project requirements often specify to acquire data of a given large area at a defined ground point density. In Wide Area and Corridor Mapping mode RiPARAMETER assists the user to find the most economical and efficient parameters for data acquisition, i.e. the data acquisition time and thus the flight time are minimized. 

  • If the flight parameters are already defined according to an additional sensor (e.g. a camera), which is operated in parallel to the ALS system, RiPARAMETER‘s Payload and Interactive mode allows to quickly find the best operating parameters for the LiDAR system.


Main Features 

  • Finding an optimized parameter set for the LiDAR system and aircraft
    for typical airborne data acquisition tasks
  • Predict the overall performance of a LiDAR system / aircraft combination
  • Quick and easy comparison of different ALS systems in defined data
    acquisition tasks
  • Simple definition of ALS operator’s specific aircrafts