Mobile Laser Scan Systems

Mobile Laser Scanning System (MLS) designates the acquisition of 3D data by means of one or several laser scanners mounted on a mobile platform. The goal of mobile laser scanning is the recording of 3D data of object surfaces by taking the following requirements into account:

  • time-efficient data acquisition in expanded target areas
  • automatic registration of 3D data in a common coordinate system
  • high resolution and high accuracy of the registered data

In general, a Mobile Laser Scanning System comprises:

  • at least one Laser Scanner, providing a 2D line scan mode
  • an IMU/GPS System which measures the position and orientation of the mobile platform within the world geodetic system WGS84. The differential GPS System consists of a stationary base station and a so-called rover on the mobile platform
  • a Software aimed at merging the geometric profile information (laser scan data) with the position and orientation data of the scanning platform
  • a rigid and shock absorbing Mobile Platform
  • optional synchronized digital photo camera(s), mounted on the same platform