Industrial Laser Scanners

The range finder electronics (1) are optimized in order to meet the requirements of high speed scanning (high laser repetition rate, fast signal processing and high speed data interface).

The angular deflection of the laser beam (2) is realized by a rotating polygon (3) with a number of reflective surfaces. It continuously rotates at an adjustable speed to provide a unidirectional scan.



For every measurement RANGE, SCAN ANGLE, and SIGNAL AMPLITUDE are provided via a TCP/IP Ethernet interface (4). The optionally available Sync Timer allows exact time synchronization of each laser range measurement related to e.g. GPS time and a sync pulse.

Additional accessories like special mounting platforms with shock absorbing elements, protective hoods, heating jackets, water cooling jackets, and a connector box with industrial standard Harting sockets are available in order to meet high demanding requirements in industrial applications.

The LMS-Z210ii-S can be operated in 2D or 3D scanning mode.