3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner VZ-Series

The range finder electronics of the 3D laser scanner RIEGL VZ-400 is optimized in order to meet the requirements of high speed scanning (fast laser pulse repetition rate, fast and highly accurate digital signal processing, and versatile interfacing).
The vertical deflection ("line scan") of the laser beam (1) is realized by a polygonal mirror (2) with a number of reflective surfaces. For high scanning rates and/or a vertical scan angle (theta) up to 100°, the polygonal mirror rotates continuously at adjustable speed. For slow scanning rates and/or small scanning angles, it oscillates up and down. The limitless 360° horizontal scan ("frame scan") is provided by rotating the complete optical head (3).
Scandata, consisting of RANGE, ANGLE, SIGNAL AMPLITUDE, and optional TIMESTAMP is stored locally or on a USB storage device (8) attached to the instrument or transmitted to a laptop (10) via TCP/IP Ethernet Interface (6). The camera (9) is controlled by the instrument and the picture data is stored or transmitted together with the scan data.
The instrument is configured and operated via the display and keypad (4), or via wireless LAN (7) with a mobile device (11) (e.g. a mobile phone or media player with wireless LAN) or a laptop (10). The laptop may also be connected via the TCP/IP interface (5) on the fixed part of the device.
The RiSCAN PRO software (12) allows the operator to perform a large number of tasks including advanced sensor configuration, data acquisition, data visualization, data manipulation, and data archiving. RiSCAN PRO runs on platforms WINDOWS XP and Windows Vista.