The RIEGL VMY-2 is a compact, economically priced Dual Scanner Mapping System, that is well suited for a variety of mobile mapping applications.

The measuring head is equipped with two high-resolution RIEGL miniVUX-HA LiDAR sensors and mounted in the well proven angled orientation as known from the RIEGL VMX Mobile Mapping Systems.
The system enables data acquisition with up to 300 scan lines / second and up to 600 kHz Pulse Repetition Rate.
To further increase efficiency of the mobile mapping system, the optional integration of up to four cameras allows simultaneous acquisition of imagery to complement the captured LiDAR data.

Main Features
  • High laser pulse repetition rate of up to 600 kHz
  • 300 scan lines per second
  • Range 270 m
  • Accuracy 10 mm / Precision 10 mm
  • Eye safe operation at Laser Class 1
  • Field of view 360°
  • Multiple target capability
  • IMU/GNSS system fully integrated
  • Optional integration of up to 4 cameras
Main Applications
  • GIS Mapping and Asset Management
  • Transportation Infrastructure Mapping
  • HD Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles
  • City Modeling
  • Rapid Capture of Construction Sites and Bulk Material
  • Open-Pit Mine Surveying
  • As-Built Surveying

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