The RIEGL VQ-880-GH is a fully integrated airborne laser scanning system for combined topographic and bathymetric surveying.

The system is offered with integrated and factory-calibrated high-end IMU/GNSS system and up to two cameras. The design allows flexible application of these components to meet specific requirements. Complemented by a RIEGL data recorder, the RIEGL VQ-880-GH LiDAR system is ready for straightforward installation on various platforms. Its compact form factor makes it specifically suitable for helicopter integration or use in small aircraft with limited space for sensor integration.

The VQ-880-GH carries out laser range measurements for high resolution surveying of underwater topography with a narrow, visible green laser beam, emitted from a powerful pulsed laser source. Subject to clarity, at this particular wavelength the laser beam penetrates water enabling measurement of submerged targets.

Main Features
  • Designed for combined topographic and bathymetric airborne survey
  • Green laser scanner with up to 700 kHz measurement rate
  • IR laser scanner with up to 279 kHz measurement rate and improved ranging performance
  • High accuracy ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing with multiple-target capability
  • Multiple-time-around processing for straightforward mission planning and operation
  • Concurrent full waveform output for all measurements for subsequent full waveform analysis for the green channel
  • Integrated inertial navigation system
  • Up to two integrated cameras
  • Form factor with reduced height optimized for helicopter integrations
Main Applications
  • Coastline and Shallow Water Mapping
  • Acquiring Base Data for Flood Prevention
  • Measurement for Aggradation Zones
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Surveying for Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydro-Archaeological-Surveying