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Terrestrial Scanner RIEGL terrestrial laser scanners provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently. Applications of RIEGL terrestrial laser scanners are wide ranging, including Topography, Mining, As-Built Surveying, Architecture, Archaeology, Monitoring, Civil Engineering and City Modeling.

Airborne Scanner

RIEGL airborne laser scanners make use of the latest state-of-the-art laser and signal processing technology. They are exceptionally compact, lightweight and cost effective, and are designed to meet the most challenging requirements in airborne surveying.

UAS/UAV Scanner For years, RIEGL airborne Laser Scanners have been successfully used in high-end unmanned airborne platforms.
In order to meet now with the specific challenges of the smaller class of such UAS/ UAV/RPAS platforms, as currently entering the surveying market, RIEGL expands its portfolio by adding the new VUX -1 laser scanner.
Mobile Scanner Mobile laser scanning describes terrestrial data acquisition from moving platforms (e.g., boats, trains, road and off-road vehicles) also known as kinematic laser scanning. Both RIEGL 2D and 3D laser scanners are ideally suited for mobile mapping applications.
Industrial Scanner RIEGLĀ“s industrial laser scanner product line is ideally suited to meet demanding industrial customer expectations. The rugged overall system design makes this product line exceptionally well suited for installations in harsh industrial environments. The compactness of the housing allows an installation even under narrow space conditions.


RIEGL's distancemeters are high-reliability distance sensors for different purposes (e.g. industrial distance and speed sensing, collision avoidance, laser altimetry). The implemented "High Penetration" technology allows their use even under conditions of bad visibility (e.g. rain, dust, fog).

With 30 years of experience in the research, development and pro-
duction of laser scanners, rangefinders and distance-
meters RIEGL delivers proven innovations in 3D.
Dedicated to designing, developing, and producing the best possible laser sensors for the desired application in order to perfectly fulfil the given measurement task and therefore fully satisfy the customers' expectations worldwide.