RIEGL's Deep Learning Suite


With the latest releases of RiSCAN PRO and RiPROCESS, RIEGL announces additional tools to enhance the capability of RIEGL's software suites.

With these tools, RIEGL is pleased to announce:

RIEGL's Deep Learning Suite

The Deep Learning Suite of Artificial intelligence methods are now available to support users with special tools in processing of terrestrial and kinematic data. You will find a corresponding overview here.

Explore the following tools available for


  • RIEGL Image Anonymizer
    Detect and blur faces and license plates in the images of your scan projects


  • AI Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Classification
    With a few clicks, extract valuable insights into ground characteristics, vegetation distribution, and building structures of your airborne point clouds

  • New Export Features for Point Cloud and Image Data
    • Enhanced Export for Tiled Point Cloud Data
      Automatically create SHP files of the tile boundaries for easy and fast identification of point cloud data you are looking for
    • OrthoImage Wizard
      Calculate true orthophotos from the image collections of the pavement cameras of your mobile mapping system


  • Support of Wedge Targets
    Identify automatically your special rectangular pattern target in your terrestrial point cloud data

  • New Point Cloud Shader
    Make use of advanced rendering of the terrestrial point cloud data to unveil previously undetected details

  • LIS GeoTec Plugin Update
    The geotechnical analysis now outputs joint plane boundaries for enhanced interoperability with 3rd party software

  • E57 Export Update
    Include panorama images and point normal vectors in your E57 files

An overview on the new features will be given here.
The current versions of RiSCAN PRO 2.19 and RiPROCESS 1.9.4 are available for download in the RIEGL Members Area at

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact support{at}riegl{.}com