The MAPPS Member Choice Award goes to RIEGL!


On January 21, 2020, it was announced that RIEGL won the Member Choice Award for the RIEGL VUX-240 lightweight UAV laser scanner in the Technology Innovation category at the 2020 MAPPS Winter Conference.

The MAPPS awards competition recognizes the professionalism, value, integrity and achievement that member firms have demonstrated in their projects and technology developments over the previous year.

"It is such an honor for RIEGL to be recognized by our peers in the MAPPS Organization for our continued innovation in advancing the development of efficient and dense LiDAR point clouds from a UAS LiDAR platform," states My-Linh Truong, ULS / UAS Segment Manager for RIEGL USA. "The commercial industry has blossomed exponentially over the past few years, pushing the boundaries of performance expectations that RIEGL has gladly met. This award is a great appreciation of our efforts and we are happy to receive it," added Philipp Amon, the Business Division Manager for Unmanned Laser Scan Systems at the RIEGL Headquarters in Austria.

The RIEGL VUX-240 is a lightweight airborne laser scanner, especially designed for use on UAS/UAV/RPAS and small manned airplanes and helicopters. With its wide field of view of 75 degrees and an extremely fast data acquisition rate of up to 1.8 MHz, the instrument is perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications.

RIEGL is thrilled to be honored as the recipient of the Member's Choice MAPPS Award for the VUX-240!