RIEGL VMY-2 Dual Scanner Mobile Mapping System


Watch the video to get an insight into the applied technology, the user-friendly design and the achievable measuring results and how to benefit for your business!
This economically priced system based on two RIEGL miniVUX-Series LiDAR sensors is mounted in a well-proven angled orientation, which enables simultaneous forward and backward looking to reduce scan shadows. The LiDAR sensor offers a pulse repetition rate of up to 200 kHz at a 360 degree "full circle" field of view, as well as a range accuracy of 15 mm.
To further increase efficiency of the VMY-2 mobile mapping system, the optional integration of up to four cameras allows simultaneous acquisition of imagery to complement the captured LiDAR data. The compact and innovative design enables folding, making it convenient to transport and saves space for storage.