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International Symposium on Geo-spatial and Mobile Mapping Technology and Summer School for Mobile Mapping Technology (GMMT 2016)


The Geo-spatial and Mobile Mapping Technology Symposium 2016 (GMMT – 2016) will be organized in Hanoi University of Mining and Geology from 4-10 May 2016. The core of this event is a Summer School on Mobile Mapping Technology in which many presentations will be given by well-known lecturers in the field of mobile mapping technology. Together with the summer school are a few sessions for academic presentations in various topics. Coming to this international conference is an opportunity for students and researchers to enrich their knowledges on the state-of-the-art geo-spatial and mobile mapping technologies and to explore the diversified culture of Vietnam.

The latest RIEGL Mobile Mapping Technology will be presented in cooperation with our partner GPS-Lands ( www.gpslands.com.my ) in the associated exhibition.

For more information on the event: http://sm.humg.edu.vn/GMMT2016/GMMT_Home.html