Int. Conference on Aerial Archaeology 2016


This year's International Conference on Aerial Archaeology will be held from February 3 through 5, 2016 in Rome. A few years after the 1st International Conference of Aerial Archaeology (Rome, 15-16 April 2009), the Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry (LABTAF) of the University of Salento, together with Ghent University (Belgium) and the University of Cassino, will organise a second event at the prestigious seat of the Academia Belgica in Rome, with the aim of rounding up the newest trends and acquisitions in the field of aerial survey and remote sensing in Archaeology. Hoping to give a fairly representative view of what are the main attitudes and basic methodologies that drive the Italian and international scene, our goal is to set up a dynamic meeting, open not only to the small circle of archaeologists, but extended to a wider public of specialists.

RIEGL is sponsor of the event and in will present the various capabilities of laser scanning in archaeology and cultural heritage documentation in cooperation with our partner ArcTron ( ) in the associated exhibition.

We invite you to join the ArcTron-RIEGL presentation
"Vianden Castle 3D - Combined Airborne and Terrestrial 3D Surveying Technologies for Documentation, Research, Visualization, and Multidimensional Presentation" to get informed on this special RiCOPTER project in cultural heritage documentation.
Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 17:10, Second Session

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