RIEGL's project-oriented software for managing and processing of RIEGL airborne, mobile and UAV-based data now makes use of the NEW RiUNITE software module. Based on a 64-bit architecture, large quantities of data can now be handled conveniently. Data processing is accelerated immensely by an improved file structure and reduced data handover. The results are given in less and smaller files.

Proven in practice:
1 hour of continuous scan data acquisition can now be processed within 1.5 hours on a state-of-the-art PC. The size of data for storage is reduced by 50-75%. Scan data adjustment can be done 3 times faster, colorization of georeferenced point clouds needs just 25% of the time that was needed before. The speed of exporting data is set to a new standard: The colorized point clouds can be exported as LAS 1.2 and 1.4 files 6x – 10x faster!

Additionally, the new licensing scheme of RiPROCESS now offers the possibility to tie the license to the serial number of a RIEGL LiDAR device with no restrictions on the number of instances, thus it is especially suited for mass data processing in the cloud.

To learn more, take a look at the new data sheets of RiPROCESS and RiUNITE, and watch the latest presentation on RiPROCESS 1.9 given by Peter Rieger, ALS Business Division Manager. For special queries and your individual quote use sales{at}riegl{.}com!