Everybody’s amazed: 66 scan positions of Augustinian monastery fully automatically registered in full view within minutes!


For the first time in Ghent / Belgium RIEGL participates in a very interesting scientific meeting about terrestrial laser scanning in forest ecology.  “Terrestrial Laser Scanning Forest Ecology” takes place on May 6-7, 2019 at Thagaste Augustinjen monastery in Ghent, Belgium.

Many of the participants already know the advantages of RIEGL laser scanners for the measurement of vegetation. The new automatic registration of terrestrial scans was received with great interest. That it even works in the forest is amazing for many!

And everyone was very impressed from a LIVE demo showing the capacity of the VZ-i Line Terrestrial Laser Scanner.

In a little workshop project with 66 scan positions we were able to scan parts of the Augustinian monastery and present the fully automatically registered scans within minutes – see this amazing result!