3D Laser Mapping and present "Digital Information in 3D - Innovations & Best Practice"


Join us at Prince Philip House in London on November 4 and 5 for the 3D Laser Mapping - RIEGL User Conference "Digital Information in 3D - Innovations and Best Practices" , and get detailed information on how 3D technology is a decision that will not only provide accurate and reliable measurements, but will maximise your return on investment.

3D Laser Mapping ( has invited us to showcase our broad range of Laser Scanners and Laserscanning Systems and to report on the latest RIEGL developments in technical presentations!

Wednesday, November 4
10:10 RIEGL Company Overview, Introducing the new RIEGL VZ-400i
10:30 RIEGL VZ-400i Detailed Product Info
10:50 Latest developments - RIEGL technology (software & hardware)
13:30 TLS Overview Software with focus on RiSOLVE and Police Applications
14:10 Industrial Laser Scanning Overview and Intro LD05 Distance Meters

Thursday, November 5
10:30 RIEGL Aerial Innovations - Introducing the RiCOPTER, VUX-SYS & VP1 Helipod
11:50 Bathymetric Laser Scanning - technology and case study
14:30 RIEGL VMZ Introduction

We look forward to meeting you in London!

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