Terrestrial Scanning / Topography & Monitoring

Thomas Gaisecker, Daniel Schröder: RIEGL V-Line Scanners for Permanent Monitoring Applications and Integration Capabilities into Customers Risk Management – Version 2 11.09.2023

Based on further developments of RIEGL Monitoring apps and the introduction of the new Monitor+ App, RIEGL and DMT have revised their paper on "RIEGL V-Line Scanners for permanent Monitoring Applications and Integration Capabilities into Customers Risk Management", that has been published in April 2022.

In version 2 special focus is given to the RIEGL Monitor+ App and the according case study done again in the Vals Valley in Tyrol, Austria. The Monitor+ App is a solution not only for permanent monitoring, but also for periodic and sporadic monitoring. It allows to interrupt the monitoring schedule, to remove the scanner, and the use of the scanner temporary for other surveying purposes. In the case study it was used in order to detect potentially critical topographic changes.

Installed corner cube prisms were monitored besides monitoring the whole landslide. The coordinates and ranges of the acquired prisms/targets can be downloaded as csv-file via the button "Download Target Monitoring" on the web-viewer and feed in any automatic prism monitoring system for visualizing the collected data on time diagrams. Besides that, the SAFEGUARD APP from DMT offers web-based time diagram visualization of the prism/target information. The DMT SAFEGUARD APP can run parallel with the Monitor+ App on the scanner.

Details on the workflow of using RIEGL V-Line Scanners for permanent monitoring applications and their integration into customers risk management solutions like the DMT SAFEGUARD APP can be found in the updated version of the white paper.