Terrestrial Scanning / Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

M. Jansen, G. Toubekis, A. Walther, M. Döring-Williams, I. Mayer: "Laser Scan Measurement of the Niche and Virtual 3D Representation of the Small Buddha in Bamiyan", Layers of Perception - CAA 2007 10.05.2010

Five years after the destruction of the Giant Buddhas in Bamiyan, the consolidation and emergency stabilization works have progressed so far that a high resolution laser scan measurement could be performed at the site of the Small Buddha in Bamiyan. The present condition of the heavily damaged Buddha niche was documented as well as the geometry and damages of the caves at the bottom back side of the niche in which the detonations took place. A 3D textured model was derived from the measurements of the niche and cliff wall and a 3D surface model of the original figure was generated from historic contour line drawings. This virtual model of the Small Buddha figure was successfully integrated into the 3D textured model obtained from the measurements on site. The result has been processed for presentation in an immersive 3D virtual environment (CAVE) at the Virtual Reality Centre at RWTH Aachen University as a communication model for ongoing activities and future actions on the site.

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