Terrestrial Scanning / Topography & Monitoring

D.A. Jerram "Journey into the hottest place on Earth" 07.12.2009

The East African rift and the Danakil desert in the Afar region of Ethiopia conjure up images of grand scenery, melting sunsets and the mysteries of the Afar tribal warriors. This is a truly special place where the mountains meet the sea, and rifting of two tectonic plates drives the birth of a new ocean. It is the home of countless volcanoes, faults and fissures as well as a striking variety of animals and humans who have adapted over time to the notoriously harsh environment.

The aim during a 3 week trip at the end of 2007 was to visit active fissures and volcanoes as part of a popular tv science expedition, and to capture these remarkable features using the latest 3D laser scanning technology; a virtual volcano hunt.

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