Terrestrial Scanning / Topography & Monitoring

Andreas Dietrich, Michael Krautblatter "Deciphering controls for debris‐flow erosion derived from a LiDAR‐recorded extreme event and a calibrated numerical model (Roßbichelbach, Germany)" 13.01.2019

Using a RIEGL VZ-400 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner and the RIEGL software RiSCAN PRO, the TU Munich measured a torrent after a debris flow event with more than 50 laser scan positions and compared these data with earlier airborne laser scan data. Using a numerical debris flow model, a relationship between erosion rate (m3 erosion per m2 area) and flow parameters of the debris flow (e.g. basal shear stress or momentum) could be investigated more precisely.

The full article was published in Wiley Online Library and can be found here.