Terrestrial Scanning / Topography & Monitoring

A. Sinitsyn, D. Wrangborg, R. Yulmetov, A.T. Sund and A. Marchenko: "Measurements of Deformations and Displacements of Stationary Quays in Svalbard with 3D Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-1000" 20.08.2012

Deformations and displacements of structural elements of two quays in Spitsbergen were investigated in details using the 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-1000. Modeling of ice action on the quays was performed with Comsol Multiphysics. It is shown that observed deformations of the coal quay in Longyearbyen are caused by wind loads and wind induced ice loads. The deformations observed in the coal quay in Kapp Amsterdam are probably caused by thermal expansion of the ice hanging on the joggle skirt of the quay.

The paper was presented at "21st IAHR International Symposium on Ice - Ice Research for a Sustainable Environment", Dalian, China , June 11 to 15, 2012

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