Mobile Scanning

P. Rieger, N. Studnicka, M. Pfennigbauer
"Boresight alignment method for mobile laser scanning systems", RSPRS conference in Moscow, Dec. 2008 ( ) 14.01.2009

Mobile laser scanning (MLS) is the latest approach towards fast and cost-efficient acquisition of 3-dimensional spatial data. Accurately evaluating the boresight alignment in MLS systems is an obvious necessity. However, actual systems available on the market may lack of suitable and efficient practical workflows on how to perform this calibration. This paper discusses an innovative method for accurately determining the boresight alignment of MLS systems by employing 3D-laser scanners. Scanning objects using a 3D-laser scanner operating in a 2D-line scan mode from various different runs and scan directions provides valuable scan data for determining the angular alignment between inertial measurement unit and laser scanner. Field data is presented demonstrating the final accuracy of the calibration and the high quality of the point cloud acquired during an MLS campaign.
The advantage of the proposed method is the possibility of determining the boresight angles of a MLS system by analyzing scan data acquired in any desired area providing at least some planar surfaces. Even user data can be an input to the described algorithms as long as objects have been scanned at least twice from different driving and scanning directions. Special test areas providing exactly surveyed targets or objects of known size for boresight alignment become obsolete.

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