Mobile Scanning

P. Rieger, N. Studnicka, M. Pfennigbauer, G. Zach, A. Ullrich
"Advances in Mobile Laser Scanning Data Acquisition" 01.07.2010

The superior performance of state-of-the-art echo digitizing laser scanners with internal online waveform processing is optimally exploited when used in a mobile laser scanning context.
At 600,000 time-of-flight range measurements per second, the RIEGL VMX-250 mobile laser scanning (MLS) system allows surveyors to capture high-resolution 3-dimensional spatial data at traffic speeds with high accuracy. The cutting edge multi-target capability enables penetration of foliage, fences, and other obstacles. The calibrated relative reflectance reading allows for range-independent grey-coded texturing of, e.g., facades and the automatic, range-independent detection of commonly retroreflecting traffic signs. Field data is presented demonstrating the accuracy of the calibration and the high quality of the geo-referenced point cloud.

This paper was presented in context of the FIG 2010 in Sydney, April 2010 (English version) and at the Dreil√§ndertagung in Vienna, in July 2010 (updated German version).