Industrial Scanning

Automation of Grab Ship Unloaders (GSU) for Bulk Materials, iSAM AG, Germany, Hansaport Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg 29.08.2013

With a volume of more than 135 million tons per year, the Port of Hamburg is a central hub for the transshipment of materials from countries all over the world. Hansaport, the specialist for iron ore and coal, is integrated into the former as an open harbor where four unloading bridges are available for rapidly unloading sea-going ships. Leading-edge technology allows large volumes of coal or ore being put into store or reclaimed in a minimum of time. In combination with advanced weighing technology, computer-controlled equipment ensures utmost precision when transshipping bulk materials.
The task of operating such grab unloaders driverless and fully automatically is a great challenge, if not a mission impossible. But with a combination of a RIEGL 3D laser scanner, an inertial navigation system that has its origins in aeronautics and leading-edge control technology, iSAM was nevertheless successful in solving the problem.

Find more information in the application report, available in English and German language.