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Airborne Scanning

Roland Schwarz et al.: Untersuchung systematischer Tiefenmessfehler bei UAV basierter Laserbathymetrie
Roland Schwarz: Analysis and Processing of Signals in Laser Bathymetry
Gottfried Mandlburger et al.: A Decade of Progress in Topo-Bathymetric Laser Scanning Exemplified by the Pielach River Dataset
Jakob Rom et al.: Analysing the Large-scale Debris Flow Event in July 2022 in Horlachtal, Austria Using Remote Sensing and Measurement Data
Richard D. Hansen et al.: LiDAR analyses in the contiguous Mirador-Calakmul Karst Basin (MCKB), Guatemala: an introduction to new perspectives on regional early Maya socioeconomic and political organization
Dominik Mielczarek et al.: The Use of an Airborne Laser Scanner for Rapid Identification of Invasive Tree Species Acer negundo in Riparian Forests
Sajjad Roshandel et al.: 3D Ocean Water Wave Surface Analysis on Airborne LiDAR Bathymetric Point Clouds
Jaehoon Jung et al.: Inverse Histogram-Based Clustering Approach to Seafloor Segmentation from Bathymetric Lidar Data
Sebastian Dersch et al.: Combining graph-cut clustering with object-based stem detection for tree segmentation in highly dense airborne lidar point clouds
Antoine G. Cottin et al.: Comparison of different methods to compute Total Propagation Uncertainty for airborne bathymetric LiDAR
Gottfried Mandlburger et al.: Concept and Performance Evaluation of a Novel UAV-Borne Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Sensor
Jorg M. Hacker: Ancient Landforms of the Australian rainforest revealed by airborne LiDAR
Roland Schwarz et al.: Design and evaluation of a full-wave surface and bottom-detection algorithm for LiDAR bathymetry of very shallow waters
Jonathanm Benjamin et. at: Underwater archaeology and submerged landscapes in Western Australia
TERN (University of Queensland), Australia’s land oberservatory: A national mangrove observing system
Benjamin Brede et. al: Comparing RIEGL RiCOPTER UAV LiDAR Derived Canopy Height and DBH with Terrestrial LiDAR
Simon Crutchley and Fiona Small: Lidar Reveals Lost Roman Road from Chichester to Arundel
Mitchell D. Harley et. al: Extreme coastal erosion enhanced by anomalous extratropical storm wave direction
Roland Schwarz et. al: Exponential Decomposition with Implicit Deconvolution of Lidar Backscatter from the Water Column
Milutin Milenković et. al: Total canopy transmittance estimated from small-footprint, full-waveform airborne LiDAR
András Zlinszky et al: Mapping Natura 2000 habitat conservation status in a Pannonic Salt Steppe with Airborne Laser Scanning
Shaun R. Levick et al: Monitoring the Distribution and Dynamics of an Ivasice Grass in Tropical Savanna Using Airborne LiDAR
Peter Rieger: Range ambiguity resolution technique applying pulse-position modulation in time-of-flight scanning lidar applications
Generating pit-free canopy height models from LiDAR
Network for Habitat Monitoring by Airborne-supported Field work – An innovative and effective process in implementation of the Habitat Directive
Michael Doneus, Nives Doneus, Christian Briese, Michael Pregesbauer, Gottfried Mandlburger, Geert Verhoeven: Airborne laser bathymetry - detecting and recording submerged archaeological sites from the air
A.Ullrich, M.Pfennigbauer, P. Rieger: How to read your LiDAR spec- a comparison of single-laser-output and multi-laser-output LiDAR instruments
Geo-Info Technologies Co. Ltd., Bob Kletzli: RIEGL VZ-1000 UAV Test in ShanDong, China
Peter Rieger, Andreas Ullrich: High-Speed High-Density Data Acquisition in Airborne Laser Scanning Applications
J. Vrabancich, W. Lieff, J. Hacker: Demonstration of Two Portable Scanning LiDAR Systems Flown at Low-Altitude for Investigating Coastal Sea Surface Topography
M. Pfennigbauer, A. Ullrich: Multi-Wavelength Airborne Laser Scanning
M. Pfennigbauer, F. Steinbacher, A. Ullrich, M. Aufleger:
A Novel Approach to Laser-Based Hydrographic Data Acquisition"
M. Doneus, C. Briese, N. Studnicka
"Analysis of Full-Waveform ALS Data by Simultaneously Acquired TLS Data: Towards an Advanced DTM Generation in Wooded Areas"
J. Reitberger, C. Schnörr, P. Krzystek, U. Stilla:
3D segmentation of single trees exploiting full waveform LIDAR data
Glacier Laser Altimetry - Alaska
Jorg M. Hacker, Flinders University, ARA - Airborne Research Australia:
Short Example of Combining Airborne Laser Scanning with Terrestrial Laser Scanning
The Vienna Laser Scanning Survey 2007
The capital of Austria digitized at an average of 20 points per square meter.