Airborne Scanning

Michael Doneus, Nives Doneus, Christian Briese, Michael Pregesbauer, Gottfried Mandlburger, Geert Verhoeven: Airborne laser bathymetry - detecting and recording submerged archaeological sites from the air 12.02.2013

The article will be published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, Volume 40, Issue 4, April 2013, Pages 2136-2151.

presenting the following highlights:
- introducing a new method for underwater prospection of shallow waters.
- topography of submerged archaeological sites can be mapped from the air in detail.
- airborne laser scanner operating in the green wavelength bridge the "border" between land and water.
- large areas can be scanned in a short time in high detail.
- case-study of a Roman site in the Northern Adratic.