Airborne Scanning

M. Pfennigbauer, A. Ullrich: Multi-Wavelength Airborne Laser Scanning 03.03.2011

Since the introduction of airborne laser scanning systems employing echo digitization and full waveform analysis, there has been a continuous improvement of both data acquisition with respect to measurement rate and measurement range, and data processing with respect to classification and surface model extraction. A further direction is the diversification toward more than one laser wavelength: either to optimally cover the designated application (topography, hydrography, or glaciography) by selecting the best-suited wavelength, or to retrieve additional information about the targets, such as, e.g., crop analysis or tree species detection by using several wavelengths in parallel. 

The paper was presented at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum taking place at New Orleans, U.S.A., February 7-9, 2011.