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RiVLib is the well documented platform independent software library for control of and data retrieval from RIEGL's V-Line scanners. RIEGL V-Line scanners stream measurement data utilizing the versatile RXP format. RiVLib facilitates easy and full transparent access to this compressible data stream.

RiVLib is RIEGL's library for developing custom software to acquire and process RIEGL RXP data streams.

Main Features
  • Extracting the 3D content in the data stream, i.e., the point cloud in the scanner's coordinate system with the additional attributes, e.g., reflectance, for each point and providing these data in well-specified SI-compatible units at easy-to-use interfaces
  • Decoding the binary data stream and providing events with the occurrence of packets in the data stream
  • A straightforward mechanism to connect to V-Line instrument's data ports via various media (Ethernet, WLAN, stored files)
  • Special provision to operate reliably even over weak links such as WLAN
  • An easy-to-use interface to connect online to the command and configuration interface of the V-Line instrument
List of supported compilers
  • Windows 32/64 bit: Microsoft® Visual C++ and Gnu Mingw
  • Linux 32/64 bit: Gnu Gcc